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The Sharkpreneur Podcast – “Kevin Crawford:”

On today's episode, Seth speaks to Kevin Crawford, Author and Executive Leadership Deployment Coach about his desire to make a difference and impact other leaders in their development has long been a passion from which Kevin Crawford Consulting was born.

Few people who walk the earth have experienced first hand the magnitude of loss and natural disasters, from which Kevin’s collaborative leadership style evolved. When you are responsible for the safety of millions of people under intense political pressures and media scrutiny, you develop the ability to analyze and be objective in the wake of tremendous emotion. Over time, those who have worked with Kevin have learned the art of standing tall in the saddle of principals.

Known for his humble and egoless leadership, Kevin’s reputation for management excellence has produced unprecedented performance shifts within a wide spectrum of organizations.

His boots-on-the-ground, in-the-trenches experience as a Southern California Fire Chief has placed him at the center of some of the largest wildland fires in California’s history, as well as command responsibilities during the 9-11 attack in New York City and Hurricane Katrina.

As former City Manager for the City of Carlsbad and CEO of the United Way of San Diego County, Kevin’s exceptional interpersonal skills and leadership proficiencies were the cornerstones of his success in teaming up with businesses, governments, other nonprofit organizations and communities to resolve the nation’s most complex challenges.

Kevin holds a Juris Doctorate degree and currently lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He is married with four adult children and seven grandchildren.

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