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What is the Key to Leadership?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

The key to leadership is the authentic and ongoing self-attentiveness, manifesting the highest degree of character, countenance, and behavior. It is not impersonating admired behaviors, as esteemed as they may be. Leadership is virtuous.

Leadership is one of the most obtuse and abstract subjects facing us. Haven’t we all called out for leadership in times of challenge or struggle, regardless of the circumstance, as though it conveys some universal anecdote for all our social and business ails?

“Leadership is not impersonating admired behaviors, as esteemed as they may be."

Defining a Leader

Short of an agreed upon definition, we resort to identifying the behaviors of a leader, in hopes that by categorizing its fruit, we somehow stumble on to a definition. Unfortunately, a list of behaviors doesn’t prove as an effective roadmap for those desiring to develop as a leader. As a matter of fact, acts of leadership are quickly sniffed out by those assessing such behaviors, resulting in questions of authenticity of the well-intended leader.

I’m afraid to say the manifestation of real leadership, the kind which influences oneself and others to levels of personal potential otherwise never considered, or organizations to levels of excellence unimagined is not experienced by way of mimicking behaviors or skills.

Leadership is the most non-transactional of any competency. It resides in the transformation of the individual. Not by way of some mystical or spiritual experience, although for some it may be, but rather by the authentic inward reflection foundational to self-management of the greatest character.

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